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Date modified: 12.07.2011

Moscow Domodedovo Airport Keeps up with the Highest Rates of Passenger Flow Growth Among the Moscow Airports

According to the results of June 2011 number of flights at the Moscow Domodedovo Airport has grown by 22.7% if compared to the June of last year and amounted to 23 331 takeoff and landing operations.

Passenger flow of Domodedovo Airport for June 2011 was 2 590 387 people, 22.7% more than in June 2010.

The domestic passenger traffic was 990 538 people. That means 21.7% growth is compared to June 2010.

The international passenger traffic increased by 23.3% if compared to the last year and amounted to 1 599 849 people.

The cargo traffic in the Domodedovo Airport was 16 018 tons, which is 28.8% more if compared to the last year.

On 26 June 2011 daily passenger flow of the Domodedovo has gone over 100 thousand people for the first time in its history.   The Airport serviced 101 432 passengers.

According to the results of the 1st half-year of 2011 113 895 flights were serviced, and that is increase of 18.8% if compared to the same period of 2010.

According to the results of six months of 2011 the passenger traffic was 11 220 797 people. If compared to the January-June period of 2010 the growth was 14.9%.

Passenger flow at the internal flights was 4 440 062 people, and that is 16.3% more than in January-June of the last year. Following internal flight directions showed the most growth: Krasnodar, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Makhachkala, and Rostov-na-Donu. The passenger traffic for these routes amounted to 1 145 th. people, that is by 38.3% more than in 1st half-year of the last year.

The international passenger traffic was amounted to 6 780 735 people (14.4% plus to the January-June period of 2010). Following international flight routes showed the most growth: Antalya, Munich, Barcelona, Frankfurt-on-Maine, and Dushanbe. About 1 319 th. people have been transported in January-June of 2011 by the mentioned flights, and that is 64.0% more than the last year's figure.

Cargo traffic of the Domodedovo has grown by 25.3% if compared to the 1st half-year of the last year and amounted to 86 329 tins.

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New flight from Domodedovo to Verona by S7 Airlines

On December 26, 2012 Airline S7 Airlines starts operating a regular flight from Moscow Domodedovo Airport to Verona (Italy).The flight is convenient not only for citizens of Moscow but other cities as well: the special tariffs for transfer flights and the wide destinations network of S7 Airlines make flights to Verona more comfortable and economic for all citizens of the Russian Federation. On December, 12 the presentation of the new regular flight Moscow – Verona took place in the ITAR-TASS pressroom in Moscow.  Mr. Vladimir Obyedkov, General Director of S7 Airlines, Mr. Paolo Arena, President of Verona airport, Mr. Daniel Burkard, External and International Relations Director of Moscow Domodedovo Airport presented.As Mr. Burkard noticed: В«Opening of the new regular flight to Verona is the important event in the development of flight connection between Russia and Italy. Now Domodedovo offers air travelers even more variants for planning trips in this directionВ».Verona airport has a highly convenient  >>>

Congratulations of Moscow Domodedovo Airport on International Civil Aviation Day

December, 7 is International Civil Aviation Day, the professional holiday for all people working in aviation industry. The leading air carrier of Russia – Domodedovo is one of the top airports in Eastern Europe. The air harbor is deservedly considered to be a visiting card of the country: 82 airlines operate flights from Domodedovo in 245 directions all around the world. The thousands of professionals provide operation of the airport. Its dynamic development is an indicator of society well-being. The targets and points of the airport development are harmonious with the development of Russian society, and the continuous modernization of the infrastructure serves as a catalyzer of economic growth in the region and the country. The success of the airport is the result of effective cooperation with partners and productive team-work with russian and world branch society. Moscow Domodedovo airport congratulates colleagues and partners in aviation industry on professional holiday and wishes them clear sky and stri  >>>

Russian Post: first aircraft from Domodedovo

On December, 6 the first airplane of Russian Post departed from Moscow Domodedovo airport. During the flight departure Nikolay Nikiforov, the Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation, Oleg Duhovnitsky, the Head of the Federal Agency of Communications and Alexandr Kiselev, the Chief Executive Officer of Russian Post were present.The deputy director of airport Boris Shahsuvarov said on the following press-conference: “Post transportation is an ordinary operation for Domodedovo airport. But this event is not really typical. Usually post is transported by freight or passenger carriers of airlines-partners, but today Russian Post starts forming its own aircraft fleet. We are glad that the aircraft is departing from Moscow Domodedovo airport, the largest one in Russia and devoting a great deal of attention to aviation development.” From now the airplane will make flights in the Khabarovsk Territory, delivering post to the remote locations. A small size of L-410 makes it optimal for post transportat  >>>

A380. For the first time. Daily. Only from Domodedovo.

Moscow Domodedovo airport (DME) starts first in Russia servicing regular flights of airliner Airbus A380. On December 01, DME accommodated the world’s largest passenger airliner. Russia’s first ever regular flight of Airbus A380 is launched by Emirates airline, the flights will be performed on the Moscow – Dubai – Moscow route on a daily basis. The first arrival of ultramodern A380 for regular flights to Moscow is an important event for Russian civil aviation. Mr. Richard Jewsbury, senior vice-president of Emirates airline in Europe and Russian Federation arrived to Domodedovo for an official press-conference, the executive officer of Airbus delegation in Russia, Mr. Sergey Nedbaylo and director of Moscow Domodedovo airport Mr. Igor Borisov also presented. “Airbus A380 took its first flight to Russia in 2009, landing at Moscow Domodedovo airport, - Igor Borisov reminded, opening this festive event. - Today, three years later, Domodedovo again sets the scene for a significant event in Russia’s civ  >>>

Moscow Domodedovo Airport Held the ‘Travel Routes: Spring-Summer 2013’ Forum

Moscow Domodedovo Airport held the ‘Travel Routes: Spring-Summer 2013’ Forum which has already become traditional. More than one hundred companies – travel agencies, Russian and foreign air carriers took part in the event. Opening the Forum Vladimir Kamynin, Marketing Director of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, gave a speech on the main trends and news of the travel segment of aviation industry: on popular and promising flight destinations, quantity indicators of air transport services and on the key factors influencing such indicators.“The market of tourist air services expands at a fast pace — the Russians actively choose traditional routes and open new destinations,” said Vladimir Kamynin. “Moscow Domodedovo Airport, having closely studied the market trends, offers convenient innovation services and opens new in-demand routes.” The specific feature of ‘Travel Routes. Spring-Summer 2013’ Forum was an increase in quantity of foreign representatives, and the intensity of bilateral meetings of R  >>>

Information for the passengers of Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Please kindly note that the timetable of the Aeroexpress “Domodedovo - Paveletsky Railway station” amends starting from November 28, 2012, 00:00 a.m.Major updates: the 00:30 a.m. train from Paveletsky Railway Station and the 04:54 a.m. train from Domodedovo Airport are cancelled. For the rest of the trains, the timetable is slightly adjusted. For more detailed information, please refer to   >>>

Moscow Domodedovo airport is ready to operate in winter conditions

The complex preparations were carried out in Moscow Domodedovo airport to provide its fail-safe operating in winter conditions. While standard winterization procedures (preparation and fields control, building check etc.) airport service park was upgraded with the newest apron equipment, also innovative deicing technologies were implemented. Service park, going on “winter watch”, purchased 10 new machines in this season. There are two snow cutters Schmidt Supra 5001, four snowtruck-blowing machines (two Schmidt CJS-914 Super II and two Schmidt TJS630) and four deicer distributors Schmidt Stratos B60-36.Deicing technique park was enlarged: four additional deicers by Vestergaard company (The Elephant Beta model) were purchased. The unique machines are able to deice aircrafts with engine-on. This innovative method proved to be highly effective abroad and firstly was implemented in Russia by Moscow Domodedovo airport specialists.During the preparations much attention was devoted to energy security questions -  >>>

Domodedovo Airport and IATA Slot Conference: autumn is the right time for summer season scheduling!

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is attending the IATA Slot Conference opening today in Toronto and being one the largest events organized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). At the Slot Conference, Domodedovo and partner airline companies are planning a series of meetings to obtain and coordinate the slots which would enable the best flight schedule for the next spring-summer season. Besides, the event participants will consider some vital issues of the air transport industry: flight safety, flight operations, tariff policy, and the development of international industry standards.With the view of offering their customers an optimal destination network and schedule, Domodedovo regularly participates in the IATA exhibition. To identify the industry development trends, to improve cooperation efficiency and to find new alternatives the main questions are discussed by the company experts, in addition to the airport schedule optimization. Domodedovo is the only air hub of Moscow, certified at Level 2.   >>>

IATA has confirmed Domodedovo Airport compliance

Moscow Domodedovo Airport, boasting Russia’s most extensive route network, has passed IATA audit certifying the compliance of its operations with the international ISAGO* standard. According to the IATA regulations, the detailed audit of the ground operations is carried out by an airline company included in the ISAGO auditors’ pool established by IATA. The biggest Russian airport in terms of passenger traffic was audited by the highly skilled professionals of the national air carrier, Aeroflot – Russian Airlines Open Joint-Stock Company, which is a member of the IATA pool. So far, Domodedovo has been the only national airport certified by IATA in all areas of ground service operations. According to the IATA rules, the air hub willing to obtain the ISAGO certificate, is free to choose the parts of the standard to be audited. Adopting a consistent approach to the ground operations safety, Domodedovo has chosen the full comprehensive assessment of the Handling according to all seven parts of the ISAGO stan  >>>

DME РЎonnections-2012: Opening New Destinations through Partnership

Moscow Domodedovo Airport hosted the 12th annual interline conference, DME РЎonnections-2012, aimed to help develop transfer routes of its partner airlines. More than 110 representatives of Russian and foreign airlines and airports participatef in DME Connections this year, as well as the European Airports Council International (ACI Europe), Russia’s Transport Clearing House, and mass media were also present.Ruslan Samitov, Regional Director for Ground Handling of airBaltic: “Participating in DME Connections helps airBaltic to develop a joint route network with the other carriers flying from Domodedovo and offer transit passengers a wider geography of destinations using a single through-ticket. This is vitally important, since airBaltic is mainly focused on transit passengers: about 80% of our passengers use connecting flights”.By working together, carriers based at the same airport can increase their commercial load and expand route networks to become more competitive. Cooperation between airlines bene  >>>